eForensik has been supplying a wide range of corporate clients with the following services since 2013:

From company internet abuse to industrial espionage, eForensik’s state-of-the-art technology enables us to perform cutting edge analyses on personal computers, notebooks, flash discs and other digital storage devices.

We deal with a variety of cases that include employee theft, fraud, unauthorised disclosure of corporate information as well as industrial espionage. 

Our process adheres to strict industry standards to ensure our clients get a comprehensive, understandable and defendable report of the situation.


In case of a security breach or attack, our Incident Response service offers an organized approach to disaster management. From containing the problem to recovering valuable data, our recommendations will ensure a preventative approach for your company's digital security in the future.

We follow the SANS Institute's six-step guide to handling an incident. 

All our consultants are certified and through continuous training we keep up to date on the ever changing Digital Forensic landscape.


e-Discovery deals with tracing the exchange of electronic information between parties who are engaged in civil or criminal litigation. eForensik is well-versed in this process of extracting digital evidence. 

All types of data can serve as evidence – including text, images, calendar files, databases, spreadsheets, audio files, animation, websites and computer programs.

Such information can be found on computers, servers, external hard drives, USB memory sticks and various other digital forms data storage.