Digital Forensics is a fast-changing field, which makes it important to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.


Here we bring you the monthly SANS Security Awareness Newsletter – OUCH!

​Ouch! Archive

February 2020         Social Media Privacy

January 2020           Digital Inheritance

December 2019      Messaging / Smishing Attacks

November 2019      Shopping Online Securely

October 2019          Four Simple Steps to Staying Secure

September 2019     Scamming You Through Social Media

August 2019            Got Backups?

July 2019                 Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

June 2019                Dark Web

May 2019                 A Career in Cybersecurity

April 2019                Making Passwords Simple

March 2019              Disposing of Your Mobile Device

February 2019          Personalized Scams

January 2019            Search Yourself Online

December 2018       Yes You Are A Target

November 2018       Am I Hacked?

October 2018           Email Oops, and How to Avoid Them

September 2018      CEO Fraud / BEC

August 2018             Smart Home Devices

July 2018                   Phone Call Attacks & Scams

June 2018                  Stop that Malware

May 2018                   What is GDPR?

April 2018                  Stop That Phish

March 2018               Top Tips to Securely Using Social Media 

February 2018           ​Securing Your Mobile Devices

January 2018             Creating a Cybersecure Home

December 2017        Lock Down Your Login

​November 2017        Shopping Online Securely

October 2017            Helping Others Secure Themselves

September 2017       Password Managers

August 2017              Backup & Recovery

July 2017                    Gaming Online Safely & Securely

June 2017                   Lessons From WannaCry

May 2017                   Securing Today’s Online Kids

April 2017                  Passphrases

March 2017               Securely Using Mobile Apps

February 2017          Staying Secure on the Road

January 2017             Social Engineering