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From company Internet abuse to industrial espionage, eForensik’s state-of-the-art technology enables us to perform cutting edge analyses on personal computers, notebooks, flash cards and other digital storage devices. 

In case of a security breach or attack, our Incident Response service offers an organized approach to disaster management. From containing the problem to recovering valuable data, our recommendations lead to a preventative future approach for your company.

E-Discovery deals with tracing the exchange of electronic information between parties who are engaged in civil or criminal litigation.

eForensik is well-versed in this process of extracting digital evidence.

About us

eForensik is a Digital Forensic Consultancy, based in Southern Africa. We have successfully completed assignments across the African continent since 2013.​

We have dealt with theft, fraud, ransomware, phishing, hacked systems and various other forms of cyber crime with a digital footprint.

Our clients include companies listed on the stock exchange, small to medium-sized businesses, leading accountancy firms, companies specialising in forensic investigations, universities, municipalities as well as a wide variety of organisations.

Contact us

eForensik does not provide any services anymore. If you were a client:

  • and you need assistance on a previous investigation

  • or want to be referred to a new service provider

please send us an email and we will gladly assist.




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